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The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has undergone significant transformation over the past decade. Today, CFOs actively participate in their companies' C-suites and bear broad, strategic responsibilities. Most notably, they report directly to CEOs and boards of directors. CFOs are no longer confined to leading the financial organization; they are expected to serve as strategic catalysts for company growth. This entails focusing on strategic partnerships, evaluating technology, and working towards meeting revenue and earnings objectives.

In the current dynamic business landscape, CFOs encounter a multitude of challenges that demand their financial expertise and strategic acumen. They must ensure efficient financial operations and compliance, optimize capital allocation, and effectively manage risk. Consequently, CFOs are required to make well-informed decisions regarding financial investments and implement cutting-edge financial solutions.

Our CFO community actively seeks partners capable of offering guidance and support on their financial journey.

The CFO Series provides a distinctive opportunity to engage with these financial leaders, who consider effective financial management and optimization as paramount objectives. Through diverse event formats hosted in global locations, the CFO Series facilitates meaningful interactions, enabling the exchange of knowledge and fostering collaborations to address the challenges faced by today's CFOs in the financial landscape. By prioritizing the role of the CFO and investing in robust financial strategies, businesses position themselves favorably to thrive in today's financially-driven world.

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CFO Community

Lindsey Roberts

Chief Finance Officer

Valeo Snackfoods

Neil Blake

EMEA Chief Economist, Global Head of Forecasting & Analytics


Bradley Duncan

Chief Financial Officer

ICBC Standard Bank

Deji Adeyelure

Chief Financial Officer


Maxime Yao

Chief Financial Officer


Jonathan Elazer

Global Chief Financial Officer

Baker Hughes

Karla Smith

Chief Financial Officer


Sujit Noir

Chief Financial Officer


Derren Sanders

Chief Financial Officer


Bradley Duncan

Chief Financial Officer

Volvo Car Financial Services

Fabio Pesenti

Chief Financial Officer

Zimmer Biomet

James Owen

Global Chief Financial Officer


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CFO Washington D.C. Summit

August 22nd, 2024

CFO Northern California Summit

September 17th, 2024

CFO New York Summit

October 29th, 2024

CFO Flagship UK Summit

November 14th, 2024

CFO Flagship National Summit

December 9th, 2024

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CFO Washington D.C. Roundtable Dinner

August 22nd, 2024

CFO Northern California Roundtable Dinner

September 17th, 2024

CFO New York Roundtable Dinner

October 29th, 2024

CFO Flagship UK Roundtable Dinner

November 14th, 2024

CFO Flagship National Roundtable Dinner

December 9th, 2024

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Engage with the best and brightest CFOs from world-leading organizations who are looking for partners to help drive business growth and innovation.

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In addition to the flexible array of session formats, we offer pre-scheduled, one-on-one 25-30-minute meetings in an intimate, in-person setting with executives from our coveted attendee roster, carefully selected by your team in advance of the event. These personalized executive exchanges provide unparalleled face-to-face time, enabling your team to accelerate the sales cycle and move the funnel forward with ease.

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Custom audience acquisition, delivering top executives from your target accounts along with our curated list of top decision makers to ensure you have an optimal audience.

Dynamic Agenda

Develop a rich, dynamic agenda focused on critical topics that will attract top CXOs and position your team and an ideal partner in solving their most pressing needs.

Customer Insights

Gain access to C-Suite attendees sharing their experiences, best practices, and current needs in our open forum, collaborative agenda format along with joining in the debates.

Post Event Follow-ups

CDM Media will leverage our relationships post event, assisting you as with immediate follow-up opportunities that allow you capitalize on the momentum you have gained at the summit.

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CDM Media is the leading global face-to-face events firm, specializing in C-Suite engagement for the world’s largest brands. Founded in 2007, we are headquartered in Arizona, complimented with our EMEA office in the UK. Over the last decade we have built an international community of over 10,000 top level executives. These are the enterprise players and decision makers that represent the top half of all worldwide technology decision makers from largest companies in the most influential sectors.

Our mission is help the world’s largest companies to solve their biggest technology challenges. We do that using a tried and true formula of creating face-to-face discussions in intimate settings. Our belief is that the next generation of technology leaders will face challenges unlike any that have come before. The only way for a CxO or senior executive to tackle these business problems head on is to learn from their peers and innovative solution providers who spend their days addressing similar concerns at a similar scale. We provide a space for that interaction to take place in dynamic, engaging, and open discussion and to build lasting business relationships that will change the landscape of enterprise technology today and into the future.